Monday, 21 December 2015

Things that inspire me

Hey :)

I thought I could post something for those who want to know how I get these ideas from or this post can apply to aspiring bloggers looking for inspiration. 

I find music very useful to be fair it helps clear depression, I find it also helps with concentration sometimes and can be good for finding inspiration too. I have a Spotify account (Lacey Spracklen) I do have some random music but that's where I listen to music most of the time. 

I often don't have the time to read as I'm constantly in and out of college and working on my blog. However when I find the time, I picture the background, appearance of characters etc. Especially when I'm writing a story because obviously you would need images and imagination to create your story. 

Online resources:
I find sometimes online resources like Pinterest, daily mail etc. Can give me ideas when it comes to topics. A blog is your online diary you can write your thoughts about a certain topic, review something you recently bought or your advice on overcoming something like panic attacks. 

Sometimes when I feel like it, my imagination can be widely used into making a blog post. I could write a story about aliens in a castle if I wanted to (if you guys ask for a story then I'll do it). 

Whenever I get stuck on topics for a next blog post I turn to one of those resources for a topic..

Hope you enjoy loves 


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